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Journal stories: Distraction

I admit it, I have been distracted lately.

When I was a young woman, I read a lot of romantic fiction. I devoured Harlequin romance novels like they were water. This was back before there was such a thing as e-readers, so paperback’s took up a lot of space in my bedroom. I even kept some of the ones that I liked the best in boxes. Years later I got some of them back out and read them. OMG they were sexist!! Such a different time then.

In my middle years I switched to fantasy / science fiction. I still love a good sword and sorcery book, but lately I’ve gotten hooked on the romance genre again

I may be sixty years old but I am NOT dead. I love the draw of characters falling in love! For me, the idea of romance is helpful in marriages where two people have been together for many years. It helps me remember what it felt like to fall in love with my husband.

Like all fiction there is a formula to romance novels. Girl meets boy, girl likes or dislikes boy, they are thrown together and sparks fly, there is conflict that keeps them apart or breaks them up, they reconcile and live happily ever after, or not.

I’ve read so many that I think I can write one. I have already written the first draft on one and an writing another. Revision will take some concentration and determination on my part. I will have to talk myself into it, just like I talked myself into writing in the first place.

Maybe someday I’ll publish it. Maybe not. I might just keep them for me. We’ll see.

“Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful, and time is short.” Adam Hochschild


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