Photo of a journal with seashells

Journal Stories: Setting personal Goals

Photo of a journal with seashells
Journal Stories

Which do you like better, reaching your goal, or the act of trying to reach it?

Why am I waving a white flag again?

Nor do I want to see the checkered flag, for it seems so final.

I’d rather see the green flag raised repeatedly, and start again.

The beginning is always the best.

J.M. Kemp

I wrote this in a journal many years ago and rediscovered it lately. I don’t remember whether I wrote the whole thing at one setting, or if I had written the first sentence during one of my times of depression. I use my journal often when I am feeling low self esteem. That would be the reason for the “white flag” comment, but the rest of the paragraph made me think about “firsts”.

First love, or the beginning of falling in love.

First baby.

First time traveling somewhere.

Starting a new art project.

Buying new supplies and trying them out.

A new home.

The beginning of a new season.

A new pet.

I am always happy to reach my goal, finish a project, reach the end of a season, but I am always anticipating the beginning of the next one. That’s why for me, the beginning is the best.

How about you?


  1. I love figuring out the process, but super excited when it’s done! We had a storm last weekend so I totally reorganized kitchen cabinets. I loved taking things out, seeing what I did and didn’t need, and redoing them. All good

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